Brownfish Short Film Festival NYC 2012

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The Brownfish Short Film Festival NYC took place November 2 - 4, 2012 at Cinema Village in New York City.

Twenty three short films from five countries competed for awards in the categories: Comedy, Drama, Documentary and Animation. Nine short screenplays competed in the categories of Comedy and Drama.

The winning films and screenplays have been announced here.

Complete Festival Lineup

Screening Program 1: 4:30pm Saturday November 3, 2012
Screening Program 2: 4:30pm Sunday November 4, 2012

Screenplay Competition: Sunday November 4, 2012
The People's Improv Theater (P.I.T.)
123 East 24th Street, NYC

Friday November 2, 2012
7 - 10:30pm
Soho Gallery for Digital Art
138 Sullivan Street, NYC
Featuring Special Screenings:
The Bench (short), Skinja (trailer), Badass Thieves (trailer)
Welcome to The Makery (doc)

Sunday November 4, 2012
7 - 10:30pm
Soho Gallery for Digital Art
138 Sullivan Street, NYC

Heads Up, Comedy 13 mins. Directed by Alex Merkin
Forever Mankind, Animation 10 mins. Submitted by Howard Cook
Apocryphal, Drama 17 mins. Directed by Fundora Ernesto
Do Over, Comedy 8 mins. Directed by David Fabelo
Trapped, Animation 3 mins. Directed by Katherine Goellner
10 and 2, Comedy 17 mins. Directed by Jeremy Smith
Day In, Day Out: Selling Food in Bangkok, Documentary 15 mins. Directed by Pilapa Esara
Chrome, Drama 15 mins. Directed by Tommaso Paino
Marti Domination in the Life of Dreams, Documentary 8 mins. Directed by Jeffrey Wengrofsky
Somewhere Road, Drama 19 mins. Directed by Robert Spat & Ryan Sloan
Moon Cakes, Animation 13 mins. Directed by Chang Liu

Braineater, Comedy 5 mins. Directed by Mitch Urban
Kitchen Sink Drama, Comedy 5 mins. Directed By Nicholas Clifford
Amaqqut Nunaat, Animation 12 mins. Directed by Neil Christopher
Sunday's Mother, Drama 14 mins. Directed by Aaron Jackson
The Goat Herder and His Lots and Lots and Lots of Goats , Animation 7 mins. Directed by Will Rose
Playing Grown Up, Comedy 18 mins. Directed by Javier Solorzano Casarin
Golden Opportunities Music Video, Animation 3 mins. Directed by Dele Ajayi
Hitchhiker's Guide to Planet Earth: How to Read People's Minds, Animation 8 mins. Directed by D. Chandler Bierdeman
Measuring Matthew, Drama 17 mins. Directed by Gul Moonis
Yuck!: A 4th Grader's School Documentary about Lunch, Documentary 20 mins. Directed by Zachary Maxwell
Eros e Thanatos, Comedy 11 mins. Directed by Alfonso Pontillo
Bitter Sweet Life, Comedy 18 mins. Directed by Ryan Kwon

Pen Perry Stop Loss (an Ode to Alec Baldwin) by Ron Podell, Comedy
Jam by Kristopher Walker, Drama
This Modern Man is Beat by David J Schroeder, Comedy
Maggie and the Bandits by Chris Svehla, Comedy
The Crib by Samuel Laskey, Drama
The Unforgettable Spark: The First Day in the Life of the World's Greatest Band by Gregory Brehm, Comedy
Twin Graves by Paul Ellington, Drama
Lana Liu by David J Schroeder & Alfonso Orsini, Comedy
Burning House by Brittany Lane Harris, Drama

Emerging Filmmaker Spotlight: Brent McCorkle
making the jump into features

Nashville filmmaker, Brent McCorkle, discusses short film making, the festival circuit, and making the jump to directing his first feature, Unconditional, which opens in select theaters September 21, 2012.

Saturday 11/3/12
1 - 3 pm
Soho Gallery for Digital Art
138 Sullivan Street, NYC

Brent's films are known for their compelling, heartfelt and emotionally-visceral storytelling...including an award-winning project that caught the eye of Steven Spielberg, landing him a subsequent first-look deal with DreamWorks. Brent's recent narrative work has garnered honorable mentions in publications such as Variety and MovieMaker. Brent lives in Nashville, TN with his wife of seventeen years, and their five children.

Brent's feature directorial debut is Unconditional, starring Michael Ealy (Takers, Seven Pounds) and Lynn Collins (John Carter, Wolverine). Brent wrote, directed, and edited the film. He composed the majority of the music for the film as well.
'The Rift' won third place in The Doorpost Film Competition (2009).